Foot pain

The innovative techniques in foot surgery
to treat the most common pathologies related to foot pain.

The main characteristics of minimally invasive percutaneous techniques, which I always adopt for forefoot problems, are:

  • • No crutches;
  • • No need for bed rest during the convalescence;
  • • Full flat support with dedicated footwear;
  • • No surgical cuts (only tiny cutaneous access points of 2-3 mm);
  • • No metallic synthetis devices (at least for me)
  • • Absence of post-operative pain (easily managed by drugs);
  • • No long work breaks (most job are allowed, like driving the car)
  • • No need for night hospitalization (local anesthesia is used, and only if needed a mild sedation);
  • • After 4 weeks, medical dressing is removed and normal footwear can be used, with active movements and warm foot baths with amuchin.

The most common pathologies that can be solved with percutaneous techniques are: