The most innovative techniques in foot surgeries
to treat the most common pathologies related to foot pain

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A new mini-invasive procedure that ameliorates quality of life
in osteoarthritic patients, valid also in elders

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Foot pain: what to do?

Since 5-6 years, I have this idea: to deal exclusively with the painful foot, either in young or old patients, in order to ameliorate the quality of life in its essence with the help of innovative surgical strategies; we help our patients to fully recover their functional autonomy with the help of current surgical techniques.
In the past, patients were less inclined for a surgical solution for their feet, because of negative experiences, post-operative severe pain, failures and relapses – and all this nightmare was spread from one patient to another! Now, a big cultural revolution is going on and patients are more inclined to get information from reliable sources, rathen then by worth of mouth, which is often not reliable!