Dr Vincenzo Langerame
orthopedic and trauma surgeon
expert in minimally invasive surgical techniques
Foot and ankle joint

Curriculum vitae 

1972 / 1978 : degree in medicine and surgery at the “La Sapienza” University in Rome;

1979 / 1981: national examination for the exercise of the medical surgical profession and specialization in Orthopedics and traumatology at the same university.

1982 / 1991: training of ten years in sports traumatology, especially in arthroscopic knee surgery, and shortly after in shoulder and ankle. Prosthetic surgery began to establish in treatments to correct arthritic degenerative problems.

The frequency of theoretical and practical courses increased my surgical knowledge.

1992 / 2005: I left the public hospital to work privately and I organized my own surgical group that dealt with the all orthopedic pathologie. I worked in several clinics in northern and southern Italy, with focus on ligamentous and meniscal pathologies of of sports trauma: soccer players, basketball players, etc.

I attended practical courses like cadaver labs, intensifying friendship and attendance at orthopedic surgical centers – especially in Spain and the USA.

2005 / 2010: professional break out-of-border in various foreign hospitals like in United Kingdom, Libya, and United Arab Emirates.

2011 / 2018: finally I dedicate myself exclusively to foot surgery, or rather to painful foot surgery, tackling all the problems of the forefoot, with mini-invasive techniques, which  continue to have such success with patients, approaching with greater trust surgical solutions. I continue to participate with enthusiasm in congresses, meetings and cadaver labs – like the last one in Boston, in July. Currently I have a lot of work, and the results give me so much strength in pursuing these new motivations. The idea of being able to work also in Portugal has really won me over!

I am AOFAS (american orthopaedic foot and ankle society), EFAS (european foot and ankle society), SICP (foot surgery society) member.

Hobbies: sea, travel!

Surgery is the only solution that solves the causes of deformity, restoring and at the same time both the aesthetics and the functionality of the foot.

Never before as in this case, many surgical techniques have been studied with the aim for deformity correction and balance of the tensile forces involved due to the deformity itself.

Dr. Vincenzo Langerame Orthopedic surgeon